Trismac Cleaning Service is a cleaning services business located in Hout Bay. The company is registered as a Closed Corporation since 2009, with Ms Ronelle Hendricks, the sole member of the business.

1)How long have you had your business in Hout Bay?

I started my business in 2009, so it’s 11years now in Hout Bay.

2)What do you like about having your business in Hout Bay?

It’s lekker to have a business in a place where you were born, The Village area plays a big role for us because there’s money so I can do business. If it was only in Hangberg and IY (Imizamo Yethu) it would have been so much different, the 3 communities make one big contribution so it’s lekker to do business in Hout Bay.

3)What have some of your challenges been?

The one challenge as a community member, because I’m from Hout Bay most of the time my community will say “Why can’t we get work when most of I.Y people get work”. So I think I bring a change in the community as a business in Hangberg to make sure that both communities are treated equally.

4)How has your business impacted the communities of I.Y and Hang Berg?

There’s not a day that passes by that someone don’t ask me for a job, so I think the Impact is that people at least can believe they can start their business and it is possible to have your own business. I can’t wait to expand so the impact can be more. Sadly, we couldn’t get a land to expand. The impact for people is to recycle for the community and get it cleaned up

5)What is your hope for the business?

I want to be the biggest cleaning company in Hout Bay. When I started and did my business course, I can remember drawing the vision of how my business is going to look and I drew this taxi with a lot of smiley faces on and this morning I saw it again. I want to take a happy bus full my employees and just move and drop them off and create work for the youth.

6)What is your advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Hout Bay?

First of all, I think you must have the passion. I was still very young when I went to go help my mom, she was a cleaning lady and I went to go help her clean at a house, then my mom became sick when I was 18years old. The man that employed my mom said “you know what Clara you can stay at home because Ronelle is doing a perfect job”. if you start a business make sure to build up some capital for 3 months, so that at least you got money to cover your expenses just incase there’s a downfall then you know you covered for 3 months to start making profit.

7)How important is being online in your business?

I’m busy with my website now so I’m going to be online 24/7 once my website is done but for even on Hout Bay Organized (facebook group) when I started posts on Hout Bay Organized it was so amazing how many people started knowing me and the work that came in although it came in slowly but people now know. So online is a must and I’m getting 100% on top of it now.

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