The Sembach Art Gallery

When it comes to Art that speaks to the people Sembach is the go to Gallery ever since 1995. Owners Michelle and David Lewis are the brains behind this wonderful gallery, the Sembach Gallery is well known for their art that people fall in love with. Most of their artist are locals to Hout Bay from emerging talent to seasoned professionals.

The Sembach Art Gallery loves working with upcoming artist and finds it a privilege to see another artist strive for what they want. They have been moving around a bit but their current location is at the Harvest Centre, Hout Bay Harbour.

They have Intle art to share their space which inspires the local artist of Hout Bay to develop artistic and entrepreneurial skills.

Hout Bay connect interviewed Michelle who is the owner of Sembach Gallery to get a better perspective of the Gallery.

1.How long have you had your business in Hout Bay?
Our first Gallery was near the Mainstream Centre it was ideal but it was very small and cosy, then we moved around full on 25 years.

2.Tell us about your business?
We sell art that people like to hang on their walls. We sell beautiful art that makes people happy.

3.What have some of your challenges been?
It’s a difficult market there was a big reassign with this whole current scenario but we’ve always been lucky enough to weather the storms.

4.How has your business impacted the communities of IY and Hangberg?
Since we’ve moved here to Hangberg everything has changed given a space to Intle art another community project. Once a week, students from IY and Hangberg come to the gallery they the reall nicest kids and they passionate about Art and I find it a privilege to watch them, and they have grown and got better.

5.What are your hopes for your business in the future?
We set up a full artist hub in this area where bored housewives, students and ladies from Hangberg can all come and have different art lesson to literally create like an artist centre where it’s just about creativity and that would really become a destination, because people love seeing artist create, they love seeing the whole creative process.

6.What is your advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business?
Never give up.

7.How important is being online in your business?
Once we went into lockdown, I took myself out to do virtual exhibition. I’ve set up a e-commerce site I’ve partnered with a marketing company and its vital you know. We had people contacting us who have never been to Hout Bay, never been to the gallery and they are finding us. We were selling which is so important and its working for us it really is.

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