Hout Bay connects one of the Trustees Organization works to the nation.

Sakhisizwe Youth Development Program, is an after-school program that offers mentorship, academic support, and healthy living, through sport, life skill workshops, with an emphasis on spirituality and creativity

:Here is Lelothando Bokuva, a great deed leader speaking about Sakhisizwe YDP:

How long have you been operating in Hout Bay?
We have been operating since 2013, so it’s 7 years

What was the reason you decided to start your organization in Hout Bay?
We saw the need for the young people in the community that they need safe space for them, to study and be themselves.

What does your focus arear in terms of beneficiaries and making an impact?
Sakhisizwe is the holistic program, so we focus on academics, sport and culture

What has been the most rewarding experience you have had since working with your organization in Hout Bay?
The partnership we have build since we started in 2013. We have partners from all over the world, and we have volunteers, they must come and volunteer here at Sakhisizwe, for a week and local who liked to come.

What have been your biggest challenges as an organization operating in Hout Bay?
So, the main challenge is funding, for us to be able to operate and do our everyday operation.

What do you think possible solution to your challenge could be?
So, now we have just received NPO number which means it will be best if we could go and apply for big funding, if we could get like 4-5 years funding and that will be a great thing.

What inspire you most about community of Hout Bay?
Well, for me I would say it’s ‘’Unity” we have 3 communities in Hout Bay, Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg, Valley and there always work together to be united. And the determination that the young people from Imizamo Yethu they must strive and always go extremely for good things.

If people want to help your organization, what would you say they could do or contribute and how?
They can visit our website, where they will see our activities that we do from Monday to Saturday. They can come and volunteer if they see anything that is interesting, or they can help us with funding, or help one of our youth.

What are your hopes for your organization in the future?
To have our own space, because currently we are renting out a space. We hope to have our own classes and a proper office, so that is what we are hoping in future.

What are your hopes for the beneficiaries/members of your organisation and is there a support system you have in place to help them make the best of their opportunities?
So, the most thing that we want for them and that is important to see them finishing their grade 12 and see them going to university and make the best of the support we are giving them.

What impact has your organization made on the community of Hout Bay (Hangberg, Imizamo Yethu)?
We have our young youth that graduated who had a mentoring support that we invested in them at their earlier age, and some of them they still studying, and some of them they are working. And to go in the streets of Imizamo Yethu to do the recycle, by doing that we teach our community about recycle, and how to maintain the cleanness in community, because the community need stay clean.

What are your views on community-based organization using online platforms to share their stories and be more accessible to a wider audience?
I think it’s a good thing that all organizations to be online due to that fact that online platforms, you put your stories and your work so that it can accessible for a collaboration to work together. And to learn from each to improve.


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