Made of Muscle – Piloxing

Hayley Barends is the founder of Mad of Muscle. Made of Muscle is a training company that provides Piloxing which is a combination of boxing and pilates exercise.

How long have you had your business in Hout Bay?

So I’m new in Hout Bay, and my business, I’ve recently started over a month ago

Tell us about your business?

Fitness business, the name of the business is Made of muscle, and it is Piloxing that we do, Piloxing is a combination of boxing and pilates, so it’s high energy interval training and it is super fun.

What do you like about having a business in Hout Bay?

first of foremost Hout bay is in our aces. It is absolutely beautiful, the energy is so good in Hout bay and I thought it well to start something in fitness, something that’s new, not everyone knows about Piloxing. So I thought it well to bring it to Hout Bay.

What have some of your challenges been?

Well, I think I would say that, because I’m new to Hout bay, getting my name out has been a challenge. Marketing, I’ve been using social media as a platform but I think word of mouth would definitely bring more feet.

How has your business impacted the communities of Hangberg?

I would say it definitely has for those that have been attending thus far, I try to use my class as a platform to also empower, and I’ve been seeing people have been drawn to the class and not only from Piloxing but for what they receive when they leave here.

Piloxing is offering a course, where they try to identify someone who’s underprivilege and would like to become an instructor. Fitness is just not about the external but the internal as well.

What are your hopes for your business in the future?

I would love to my own studio, have it branded, and be able to have my classes in the morning, evenings and even in the afternoons, and the community to know where I’m located.

What is your advice for an entrepreneur looking to start a busines?

first do research, find who’s your target market and make sure your marketing strategy is in place in terms of how you want to promote your business. Ask questions and speak to people in the field in line with your business.

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