Karbonkelberg Tourism

The Harbour community is nestled in the base of the Sentinel & Karbonkelberg Mountains. Visitors desiring a relaxing experience can enjoy a leisurely ride around the harbour and into the local community on electric bikes.

Or, hike to fascinating points inaccessible to the general public: our legendary stone face guardians, striking lookout views, and the only expedition to seal island by foot.

We also offer a legendary culinary tour, what better way to experience the heart of a community than to be invited inside their homes to share food and stories.

Our tours are tailored to your appetite for adventure, and can be customised for all fitness levels.

Phone: +27 (0)84 099 6601


How Long Have you had your business in Hout Bay?

  • My business has been in this established for about 5 years

Tell us about your business.

  • My business was focused on opening the mountains of Hout Bay/ Hangberg to the public of Hout Bay itself. My focus was always on domestic tourism and to give a voice to my community, and were obviously we knew that tourism was the platform in Hout Bay to get a voice out there and we’ve also trained 5 guides also doing the same thing, mountain, so we’ve also developed the food experience, local food and the beer tasting experience we do kayaking, hiking, biking and we also practicing hoe o do snowing.

What do you like about having a business in Hout Bay?

  • Just the people and the support they give, even now we’re in covid there was a massive support for my business because they knew that I was struggling, they would come out and support my business, saying that they would organise hikes and things like that just to support me.

What have some of your challenges been?

  • These a massive safety expect in Hout Bay and especially in my surrounding areas that I work in, Hout Bay is a no go zone area when it comes to hiking and we as Karbonkerberg tourism has decide, no man we are not going to bad mouth out community, we going to give a positive stunts to our community because this is a beautiful community and there’s so much happening in this community and my company kind of gives a voice to our community.

How has your business impacted the communities of IY and Hangberg?

  • It creates employment and gives businesses that are already in existed like the food businesses, it gives them opportunity to display their business and their product as part of my tour because I do sea food and beer tasting which goes through the community of Hangberg and it actually take you to four different homes in Hangberg, so that provides sea food and beer, and we also support brewery and we also support mama Zoli and three local ladies that cooks food as well.

How important is being online in your business?

  • I’ve discovered it’s the most important thing in tourism, virtual tours, online presence is the most important thing in my business, because I would never have reached everybody if it wasn’t for Facebook, twitter, Instagram, so online is the most important thing especially now the development of my website as well, I’ve discovered that people have access to so much information of on my website, that they not calling me, and say “ On what can we do in Hout Bay”. People know that they can go to my website and look so online is very important.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

  • Just stick it out, that’s the only advice I can give you, its going to be hard, That’s why we have choose to climb mountains life is like a mountain you just got to climb it and stick it out until you go to the top.
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