1)How long have your business been operating?

Jikeleza has been operating between the year 2002, 2003 and I joined in the year 2004.

2)What was the reason you decided to start your organization in Hout Bay?

At the time there was a need for artistic development in our area and we use dance and music as a form of tackling those social issues that we have.

3)What is your main focus area in terms of beneficiaries and making an impact?

Our main focus area is music and dance and to develop the child, also supporting them in their educational journey as well.

4)What is the most rewarding experience so far?

For me the most rewarding experience were for a shy boy or girl to break out of their comfort zone and just enlighten the stage and just be who they supposed to be.

5)What have your biggest challenges as an organization been?

The biggest challenges we facing as an organization is most important funding.

6)What are the possible solutions to your challenges?

Possible solutions is to be more visible on social media and using most platforms to promote ourselves.

7)What inspires you the most about the community of Hout Bay?

What inspires me the most about our community is that we are a diverse community and when we come together there’s that ubuntu feeling.

8)If you want to help your organization, how can they contribute?

They can reach us via our face book page and our website and they can maybe sponsor a tutor or a facilitator that will help us greatly or even our feeding programme.

9)What impact has your organization made on the community of Hout Bay?

The greatest impact for us was when some of the children graduated from university and was part of our programme and that was great success for us as an organization.

10)What are your views on NGO’s using online platforms?

Online platforms put you in touch with the world so by using online platforms you can promote your organisation globally.

11)what are your hopes for your beneficiaries and is there a support system for them?

My hope is for our beneficiaries is to get a university degree. Our support system is buying them stationary, supporting them through their schooling and feeding them after school when they come to our programme.

12)What are your hopes for your organization in the future?

Our hopes is to expand even more and to one day have our own centre where you can work from.

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