Eyethu Skate Park

The growing culture of skateboarding has made a huge impact on the city and the successful introduction of the Gardens Skate Park shows that it is used by people from all walks of life.

There is a growing demand within our city for spaces that encourage youth development and recreation and, with the number of young people in Hout Bay exceeding 5000; there remains a serious lack of safe public spaces in the area.

As Hout Bay increasingly begins to celebrate its diversity, so residents are realising they have a unique opportunity to learn from each other

How long have you been operating in Hout Bay?

  • We started the project in 2014 and finally built the skate park in 2019.

What was the reason you decide to start your organization in Hout Bay?

  • It was to create a safety public space where people of all genders, age groups and social classes can come together for the love of skateboard.

What is your main focus in terms of beneficiaries and making an impact?

  • The age group of kids that skate with us are roughly from age 7 to 18, it’s quite divers and the kids are mostly boys unfortunately. We are hoping to put a program in place for girls this year, we want to try and get them off the streets and onto the skate park and teach them something valuable not just physically to get new sills but also emotionally.

What is the most rewarding experience so far?

  • Definitely been building the skate park it took 5 long years to raise the funds and to finally see someone skate park was just indescribable.

What is your biggest challenge as an organization been?

  • Funding, funding is a huge issue but for most organization I feel that probably is the biggest problem.

What are the possible solutions for your challenge?

  • Our possible solutions for our challenge are to attract more volunteers and getting our narrative out there and sharing our good news stories and inspire people to get involved.

What inspire you most about the community of Hout Bay?

  • The community of Hout Bay is really something that I’ve never seen any where else in the world or in South Africa. This community just lives side by side and always ready to jump in massive issues, always ready to help, always ready to jump in and support all over varies NGOs and initiative in Hout Bay, and they are so many.

If people want to help your organization, how can they contribute?

  • People can volunteer their time, and they can also drop off and gently used second-hand skate equipment and shoes, that would be a great help.

What impact has your organization made on the community of Hout Bay?

  • Keep the kids safe, keep them from harm, we know with skate regardless of skate park it was the opportunity to educate on road safety but also emotionally growth.

What are your views on NGOs using online platforms?

  • I think in today’s day and age it’s vital l to have an online platform the future is digital and that is the only way you will get exposure for your business/ organization and will assist will all your needs.

What are your hopes for beneficiaries and is there a support system?

  • My hope for our beneficiaries is that they become well rounded adults and they move into very successful career but also talented and skilled skaters. We hope that they will be able to move onto one day the Olympics.

What are your hopes for your organization in future?

  • To have a positive impact in our immediate communities but also be able to help other communities activate their public spaces and inspire them.
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