Dario’s Cafe

Dario’s cozy chat on their famous Italian Coffee and it’s guilty pleasure for pizza and pasta Lovers.

Dario’s Café offers an authentic Italian experience where all who enter feel part of the coffee shop family.

Dario’s Café was founded in 2007 and is currently the most popular independent Italian coffee bar in the ideal setting of Hout Bay. Its temple is the café or “Bar as it is called in Italy”.

All rituals have their place of worship and coffee is no different and at Dario’s you’ll find any coffee you like. Dario’s Café is much loved by the local Hout Bay Families.

Child-friendly and buzzing all Day, Dario’s serves everything from the best Coffee and Breakfast, to Sandwiches, Salad, Pasta, Burgers, Pancakes and more.

Hout Bay Connect interviewed Dario Mustarelli and this is the output on the set of questions we asked him.

How long have you had your business in Hout bay?
I’ve been operating my business for mainly 13 years now

Tell us about your business?
My business is mainly Italian styled coffee and we do a breakfast service and lunch but mostly pizza for lunch and bacon and eggs.

What do you like about having a business in Hout Bay?
The feeling of being in a little village where everyone knows everyone, the people are loyal and honest and everyone is just like a big happy family it’s beautiful.

What have some of your challenges been?
Didn’t expect to spend so much money moving, we had no idea but the shop is very busy and we very happy with it. It’s been very rewarding.

How has your business impacted on the communities of IY and Hangberg?
I employ on both sides and I have projects with IY and Hangberg

What are your hopes for your business in the future?
Make a lot of money in an explosion and just keep going consistent and just carry on feeding my family

What is your advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business?
Hard work is the main key and just put everything you have got into it and it will reward you in the end and don’t be scared. Listen to what people has to say but choose what you take to heart and to use, so everyone will want to give an input but what you choose is how you are going to be successful and you must always have a strong wife behind you otherwise you not going to make it, and don’t go too big to quickly.

How important is being online in your business?
I’m very old school and my wife know it, but we do a lot on space delivery’s takeaways and things like that. Not very important for me but I know it’s part.

How should you order your coffee?
A short strong expresso and just two sips should be a beautiful lift in your mouth within a minute, no milk, no sugar.

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